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Showtime is an American premium cable and satellite television network that serves as the flagship service of the Showtime Networks subsidiary of CBS Corporation, which also owns sister services The Movie Channel and Flix. Showtime's programming primarily includes theatrically released motion pictures and original television series, along with boxing and mixed martial arts matches, occasional stand-up comedy specials and made-for-TV movies.

Network’s Shows

The Good Lord Bird
Premiere Date: October 4, 2020

“Onion” is a fictional enslaved boy who becomes a member of John Brown’s family of abolitionist soldiers and finds himself in the 1859 raid at Harpers Ferry. 7-week mini-series debuts Oct 4, 2020.


Penny Dreadful: City of Angels
Premiere Date: April 26, 2020

When a grisly murder shocks Los Angeles in 1938, two detectives become embroiled in an epic story that reflects the rich history of the city. Debuts Sunday, April 26, 2020 on Crave.


The L Word: Generation Q
Premiere Date: December 8, 2019

Groundbreaking drama series The L Word revolutionized a generation. On Dec 8 the sequel, The L Word: Generation Q debuts. Returning cast Jennifer Beals, Kate Moennig and Leisha Hailey will resume their original roles. On Crave.


On Becoming a God in Central Florida
Premiere Date: August 25, 2019

In 1992 Central Florida, a minimum-wage water park employee lies, schemes and cons her way up the ranks of the cultish, multibillion-dollar pyramid scheme that drove her family to ruin. Debuts Sunday Aug. 25 on Crave.


Premiere Date: October 2, 2011

A bipolar CIA operative becomes convinced a prisoner of war has been turned by al-Qaeda and is planning to carry out a terrorist attack on American soil. The 8th and final season begins Feb 9 on Crave.


The Loudest Voice
Premiere Date: June 30, 2019

A look at the rise and fall of former Chairman and CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes. Debuts June 30 on Crave.


City on a Hill
Premiere Date: June 16, 2019

In 1990s Boston, an assistant district attorney and a corrupt yet venerated FBI veteran work together to take on a case that grows to involve, and ultimately subvert, the entire criminal justice system of Boston.


The Chi
Premiere Date: January 7, 2018

The Chi follows the lives of Emmett, Brandon, Ronnie and Kevin in the South Side neighborhood of Chicago after a fateful turn of events sends shock waves through the community but also connects them in unexpected ways. Season 3 debuts on Crave on July 5, 2020.


The Affair
Premiere Date: October 12, 2014

A struggling novelist and a young waitress strike up an extramarital relationship that promises to forever change the course of their lives.


Premiere Date: January 17, 2016

U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades goes after hedge fund king Bobby “Axe” Axelrod in a battle between two powerful New York figures.


Ray Donovan
Premiere Date: June 30, 2013

Ray Donovan, a professional “fixer” for the rich and famous in Los Angeles, can make anyone’s problems disappear except those created by his own family.


Killing Eve
Premiere Date: April 8, 2018

Eve is a spy who connects a series of seemingly unrelated murders to Villanelle, a dangerous and capricious assassin. The two end up in a bizarre game of cat and mouse. UPDATE: Season 3 now begins April 12, 2020.


Black Monday
Premiere Date: January 20, 2019

A group of outsiders takes on the 1980s old-boys club of Wall Street. Season 2 starts on June 28, 2020 on Crave.


Premiere Date: September 9, 2018

Kidding follows Jeff Piccirillo, aka beloved children’s television presenter Mr. Pickles. He anchors a multimillion-dollar branding empire, but faces personal tragedy and a difficult family life. Season 2 debuted on Feb 9, 2020.


Escape at Dannemora
Premiere Date: November 18, 2018

Escape at Dannemora is based on the headline-making true story of a 2015 prison break in upstate New York.



Takeuchi Yuko, Japanese Actress, Dies at 40

Japanese actress Takeuchi Yuko was found dead by her husband, actor Nakabayashi Taiki, in their Tokyo apartment early Sunday morning. Forty years old at the time of her death, she was the mother of two, including an infant boy who was born in …

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José Feliciano, Kwanza Jones Buy $20 Million Palisades Mansion

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Dennis Quaid, CeCe Winans Claim Coronavirus Interviews Are ‘Not Political at All’

In response to a report by Politico, Dennis Quaid and CeCe Winans said that their interviews about COVID-19 were not political or being used as part of a Trump administration ad campaign. On Friday, Politico reported that the interviews, featuring Dr. …

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Los Angeles County Coronavirus Update: Public Health Confirms 18 New Deaths And 1,236 Positive Cases Of COVID-19

Los Angeles Public Health confirmed Saturday an additional 1,236 positive cases of COVID-19. Officials also confirmed 18 new deaths and a total of 715 current hospitalizations. The latest COVID-19 counts come as health officials have been anticipating …

SZA to Perform ‘Drew Barrymore’ on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’

In a near-perfect twist of fate, SZA will perform her hit track “Drew Barrymore” on the actor’s new daytime talk show on Oct. 1. Following the performance, the artist will sit down with the host for an interview on “The Drew Bar …

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Industry Worries as Amy Coney Barrett Nominated for Supreme Court

Hollywood insiders expressed deep concerns on Saturday as President Donald Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the death this month of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. As a federal judge and as a legal scholar, Barrett h …

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Donald Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett To Fill Supreme Court Vacancy

President Donald Trump formally announced Amy Coney Barrett as his nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a move that will solidify the high court’s turn to the right. An appellate judge since 2017, …