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Prime Video offers access to digital movies and TV shows with a monthly membership. Prime Video is available in over 200 countries and territories-- all you need is an Amazon account, a Prime Video or Amazon Prime membership, and a compatible connected device.

Network’s Shows

Made for Love  PeakTV Score: 76
Premiere Date: April 1, 2021 157214 

Hazel Green tries to escape a suffocating marriage — until she realizes her tech billionaire husband has implanted a revolutionary tracking device in her brain. Premieres on Amazon Prime April 16, 2021.


The Wilds  PeakTV Score: 80
Premiere Date: December 11, 2020 146437 

A group of teens must survive after a crash leaves them stranded. There’s just one twist to this thrilling drama – these girls did not end up on this island by accident. Debuted Dec 10, 2020.


Palm Springs  PeakTV Score: 84
Premiere Date: December 18, 2020 145984 

When carefree Nyles and reluctant maid of honor Sarah have a chance encounter at a wedding, things get complicated as they are unable to escape the venue, themselves, or each other. Debuted Dec 18 2020.


The Stand  PeakTV Score: 55
Premiere Date: December 17, 2020 132129 

A deadly superflu leaves a few survivors with dreams of either of a friendly older woman named Mother Abagail or a darker figure: Randall Flagg. Finally lands in Canada on March 16, 2021.


Utopia  PeakTV Score: 58
Premiere Date: September 25, 2020 128116 

A group of young adults who met online are mercilessly hunted by a shadowy deep state organization after they come into possession of a near-mythical cult underground graphic novel. Lands on Amazon Prime on Fri., Sept. 25, 2020


The Great  PeakTV Score: 71
Premiere Date: May 15, 2020 102024 

A royal woman living in rural Austria during the 18th century is forced to choose between her own personal happiness and the future of Russia. The entire first season lands Saturday, May 16, 2020 on Prime Video.


Upload  PeakTV Score: 81
Premiere Date: May 1, 2020 98669 

After a near fatal accident, app developer Nathan is uploaded into a virtual afterlife called Lakeside by his girlfriend in this sci-fi comedy created and written by Parks and Rec’s Greg Daniels. Lands May 1, 2020.


Tales from the Loop  PeakTV Score: 69
Premiere Date: April 3, 2020 94411 

The townspeople who live above “The Loop,” a machine built to unlock and explore the mysteries of the universe, experience things previously consigned to the realm of science fiction. Season 1 hits Amazon on Apr 3, 2020.


Little Fires Everywhere  PeakTV Score: 75
Premiere Date: March 18, 2020 88281 

The seemingly perfect life of The Richardsons is turned upside down by Mia Warren and her daughter in the adaptation of Celeste Ng novel of the same name. NEW: Lands on Prime Video May 22, 2020.


Treadstone  PeakTV Score: 54
Premiere Date: October 15, 2019 80162 

The Treadstone project, having created super spy Jason Bourne, turns its attention on a new protocol to develop unstoppable superhuman assassins. Season 1 debuted on Amazon Prime on Jan 10, 2020.


Hunters  PeakTV Score: 66
Premiere Date: February 21, 2020 77378 

A diverse band of Nazi hunters living in 1977 NYC discover hundreds of high-ranking Nazi officials are conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the U.S. Pacino’s first regular TV series role, premieres Feb 21 on Prime Video.


Modern Love  PeakTV Score: 75
Premiere Date: October 18, 2019 61745 

TV series based on the New York Times’ column that explores relationships, love and the human connection. The first season of this anthology series debuts on Amazon Prime Video on Oct 18, 2019.


Flack  PeakTV Score: 63
Premiere Date: February 21, 2019 50121 

Robyn, an American publicist working for a cutthroat London PR company that represents troubled celebrities, is adept at keeping her client’s lives appearing in perfect order, while her own falls to pieces. Season One finally debuted in Canada on Jan 21, 2021.


Fleabag  PeakTV Score: 93
Premiere Date: July 16, 2016 43033 

Finished its second season, this comedy series focuses on an angry, self-loathing 20-something nicknamed Fleabag who struggles with running her cafe and the memory of the death of her best friend. Available now on Amazon Prime Video.


NOS4A2  PeakTV Score: 61
Premiere Date: June 2, 2019 38162 

Charlie Manx, a seductive immortal who feeds off the souls of children, has his whole world threatened when a young woman in New England discovers she has a dangerous gift.


The Boys  PeakTV Score: 83
Premiere Date: July 26, 2019 38084 

A group of vigilantes set out to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers. Season 2 landed on Amazon on a week-by-week basis starting on Sept 4, 2020.


Good Omens  PeakTV Score: 85
Premiere Date: May 31, 2019 34340 

A tale of the bungling of Armageddon features an angel, a demon, an eleven-year-old Antichrist, and a doom-saying witch. All 6 episodes of this mini-series land on Amazon Prime Video on May 31, 2019


Hanna  PeakTV Score: 75
Premiere Date: February 3, 2019 12833 

HANNA follows the journey of an extraordinary young girl raised in the forest, as she evades the relentless pursuit of an off-book CIA agent and tries to unearth the truth behind who she is. Season 2 lands on July 3, 2020.


The Purge  PeakTV Score: 49
Premiere Date: September 4, 2018 12800 

Set in an altered United States, several unrelated people discover how far they will go to survive a night where all crime is legal for 12 hours.


Fear the Walking Dead  PeakTV Score: 71
Premiere Date: August 23, 2015 12752 

A Walking Dead spin-off, set in Los Angeles, following two families who must band together to survive the undead apocalypse. Season 6 is coming summer of 2020.


The Tick  
Premiere Date: August 18, 2016 12716 

In a world where superheroes have been real for decades, an accountant with no superpowers comes to realize his city is owned by a super villain. As he struggles to uncover this conspiracy, he falls in league with a strange blue superhero.


Loudermilk  PeakTV Score: 81
Premiere Date: October 17, 2017 12701 

Centers on Sam Loudermilk, a recovering alcoholic and substance abuse counselor with a bad attitude. Although he has his drinking under control, Loudermilk discovers that when your life is a mess, getting clean is the easy part.


Homecoming  PeakTV Score: 86
Premiere Date: November 2, 2018 12677 

Homecoming returns for its second season with a fresh new mystery and a new star, Janelle Monáe. The entire second season debuts on Prime Video on May 22, 2020.


McMafia  PeakTV Score: 68
Premiere Date: January 1, 2018 12673 

Alex Godman, the English-raised son of Russian mafia exiles, has spent his life trying to escape the shadow of their past, building his own legitimate business and forging a life with his girlfriend, Rebecca. But when a murder unearths his family’s past, Alex is drawn into the criminal underworld where he must confront his values to protect those he loves.


Younger  PeakTV Score: 84
Premiere Date: March 31, 2015 12657 

After being mistaken for younger than she really is, a single mother decides to take the chance to reboot her career and her love life as a 26-year old. All six seasons of Younger are finally available to Canadians on Amazon Prime.


Premiere Date: September 6, 2016 12627 

A desperate banker, a Haitian-American gang lord, and a Cuban-American hacker are forced to work together to unwittingly create their version of the American dream – organized crime 2.0.


The Terror: Infamy  PeakTV Score: 84
Premiere Date: March 26, 2018 12623 

Season 2 centers on a series of bizarre deaths that haunt a Japanese internment camp in the U.S. during WWII. Begins Monday, August 12 on AMC on TV, on Amazon Prime Video after the season is broadcast.


American Gods  PeakTV Score: 77
Premiere Date: April 30, 2017 12618 

A recently released ex-convict named Shadow meets a mysterious man who calls himself “Wednesday” and who knows more than he first seems to about Shadow’s life and past.


The Man in the High Castle  PeakTV Score: 80
Premiere Date: January 15, 2015 12614 

An alternate version of life in the U.S. in the 1960s — if Nazi Germany and Japan had won WWII.


Goliath  PeakTV Score: 76
Premiere Date: October 13, 2016 12605 

A disgraced lawyer, now an ambulance chaser, gets a case that could bring him redemption or at least revenge on the firm which expelled him. The third season is available as of October 4, 2019.


Sneaky Pete  PeakTV Score: 84
Premiere Date: August 7, 2015 12603 

A con man on the run from a vicious gangster takes cover by assuming the identity of his prison cellmate, Pete


Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan  PeakTV Score: 72
Premiere Date: August 31, 2018 12598 

An up-and-coming CIA analyst, Jack Ryan, is thrust into a dangerous field assignment as he uncovers a pattern in terrorist communication that launches him into the center of a dangerous gambit. Returns Nov 1, 2019.


Yellowstone  PeakTV Score: 63
Premiere Date: June 20, 2018 12590 

A ranching family in Montana faces off against others encroaching on their land.


Bosch  PeakTV Score: 83
Premiere Date: February 6, 2014 12578 

An L.A.P.D. homicide detective works to solve the murder of a thirteen-year-old boy while standing trial in federal court for the murder of a serial killer.


The Expanse  PeakTV Score: 84
Premiere Date: December 14, 2015 12576 

The future of The Belt has begun as Marco Inaros wages Armageddon against the Inners for a lifetime of oppression and injustice. Season 5 begins on Dec 16, 2020.


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel  PeakTV Score: 87
Premiere Date: March 17, 2017 1540 

In 1958 New York, Midge Maisel’s life takes a surprise turn, and she has to quickly decide what she’s good at – and going from housewife to stand-up comic is a wild choice to everyone but her. Season 3 debuted on Dec 6, 2019.



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