Cord Cutting: What Shows Will I Lose?

One question for those thinking of cutting their cable or phone line TV service is: what dramas and comedies will I lose access to? Today, there are still dozens of shows that can only be viewed online with a TV service provider’s login, which requires, of course, a (usually expensive) monthly TV package. Our hope is that in the years ahead some or all of the channels below will offer Internet-only products; the two major Canadian sports channels, TSN and Sportsnet, are doing this today, which a few years ago would have unthinkable.

Below are the major TV channels in Canada carrying current, in-production U.S. dramas and comedies that require a TV provider’s login. Click on any of them to see a list of shows they stream online, and that you would lose access to if you no longer subscribed to that channel.

UPDATE JUNE 5, 2019: Today Amazon added programming from Corus and Super Channel to their Prime Video package, so shows that once required a TV provider login can now be subscribed to via Amazon for an additional monthly fee. Corus’ product, STACKTV ($12.99/month), offers twelve channels of content, and relevant to this page, content from Global*, History* and Showcase*. Super Channel* is also available from Amazon, for an additional $9.99/month.