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We are living in a time of what has been called "peaktv," which means simply that there has never been so much varied and quality programming produced in the 70-year history of television. But with this creative boom has come a quandary for you, the Canadian viewer: where is everything? Is it on broadcast? (CTV, CBC, ABC, NBC) Is it on specialty TV? (AMC, Showcase, FX) Maybe on pay TV? (HBO, Crave) Or a streaming service? (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crave, Disney+, AppleTV+). And to make it even more confusing, shows released in the U.S. can be on services we don't get in Canada (Hulu, HBOMax, Peacock) but might be carried here instead by a broadcaster or a specialty channel. It makes you want to give up and just watch a rerun of "Friends", doesn't it? But now PeakTV is here to help.

We're cataloguing all the current U.S.-based scripted TV shows being produced today, and telling you where to find them here in Canada. Along the way we'll also point you to reviews, trailers, user ratings and more. So sit back and click/touch/tap your way to the land of PeakTV.

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